Uriage mist soothing Spray 150ml


SKU: 7879946 Uriage mist soothing Spray 150ml Properties:

After-Sun soothing mist gives an immediate sensation of freshness and appeasement all skins heated and dried by the Sun. Enriched with Aquaspongines , hydroprotectrices, and water Thermale D'uriage, it rehydrates the skin perfectly and durably and extend the tanning. it protects the skin from aging caused by free radicals. pulverized into fine mist on the skin, it broadcasts a veil of Delicately scented wellness.

  • Freshness and intense hydration.
  • Soothes the skin without having to massage.
  • Extends and satine tanning.
  • Anti-radical.
  • Fogger multi-position.

operating tips:

spray generously and then spread evenly. renew as often as necessary.