Uriage Bariesun cream SPF50 + & Spray SPF50 + & after Sun offered

Box Bariesun, spray and solar cream with offered aftersun.
Manufacturer: Uriage
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SKU 3400224 Uriage Bariesun cream SPF 50 + Spray SPF 50 + & offered aftersun

Bariesun cream SPF 50 + 50 ml Spray SPF 50 + 200 ml:


Cream and spray SPF 50 + offer very high protection for sensitive skin. The skin is protected from UVA and UVB RAYS. Their light and melting texture is invisible and easy application. Hypoallrgenique, they withstand water.


Apply the cream or the front spray, during the exhibition and after swimming for optimum protection.

Bariesun after-Sun 150ml offered:


The balm repair After-Sun Uriage Bariesun is intended for parched skin, heated by the Sun. This fondant balm is a true moment of solace.

He calms quickly and gives a pleasant sensation of freshness. Waterlogged moisturizers and refattening assets, it protects the desquamation and restores skin suppleness and softness. It protects from attacks and radical induced by the Sun. Used after each exposure, it prolongs the holding of tanning and sublime radiance.