Uriage Baby 1st Water 1L

Delicate cleanser for your baby's sensitive skin.
Manufacturer: Uriage


SKU 7869244


Uriage 1st Water cleans and removes all impurities and dirt from the face, body or bottom of the baby without any need to rinse. Containing Uriage thermal water concentrate, 1st Water is enriched with moisturising and softening active ingredients and is delicately scented.


Uriage first water cleanser ideal for the face, body and nappy area.

Recommended Use:

Non-rinse cleanser, essential both at home and for traveling.
Moisturising and soothing.
Recommended and used for infants.
Apply using a cotton pad to areas requiring cleansing. No need to rinse.

Also comes in a pack of 25 extra-soft and supple wipes.


Uriage Thermal Water, Gentle cleansing agents, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Hypoallergenic, Alcohol-free, Non-comedogenic.


1 litre pump bottle.

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