Urgo Warts Hands and Feet 38ml Vial

A solution to treat and freeze the wart in single use.

Manufacturer: Urgo

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Urgo Warts Hands and Feet 38ml Vial  is a cryotherapy treatment that quickly removes warts on the feet and hands. 
The feeling of pain is decreased. Reliable treatment and proven effectiveness. 
  • Ready to use: no prior assembly necessary
  • Safe: its transparent applicator tip allows precise positioning on the wart. Its specific metering valve produces right amount of product
  • Effective: its applicator tip effectively removes wart
Use adapted to children.


Wart treatment for hands and feet. Can be used by adults and children over 4.

Directions for use

Position the wart up so you can place your applicator upside down directly on the wart. 
Position the applicator opening around the wart making sure the applicator is in contact with the skin. Press 3 times in a row on the bottle to deliver 3 doses of product.
Then leave the applicator tip at least 10 seconds in contact with the wart.

When the application is complete, remove the applicator. A slight sensation of pain or tingling may be felt.


Dimethyl Ether (DME).


38ml bottle.