Urgo Patch cold 6 patches

cold patches 6 for sprains, bruises or painful joints.

Manufacturer: Urgo

SKU: 8278516


Urgo cold patches are patches for pain immediately using the cold joint and traumatic. They provide a cold effect for 6 hours after application and ensures both the hydration of the treated area. Very comfortable, they adapt easily to different parts of the body, they are suitable even for the most sensitive skins. Resealable bags allow optimal conservation of the patches to ensure their effectiveness.


Patches heated to relieve sprains, bruises or painful joints. From 6 years old.

Directions for use:

(1) remove the patch from the bag. (2) remove the protective film and apply the side adhesive of the patch directly on the area to be treated. (3) close the bag by closing in order to keep the remaining patches.


1 box of 6 patches.