Urgo My Pedi Box + 1 free kit

Discover the Pedi Box Urgo and offered for a quality pedicure Kit.

Manufacturer: Urgo

SKU: 2585358


Electric grater:

The electric grater Urgo allows to eliminate calluses and soften the skin in a single gesture.It resists water and its roll is washable and reusable.Finally, it offers great convenience thanks to its ergonomic grip.

Oil dry feet:

Dry feet Urgo oil to moisturize your feet for 24 hours.It penetrates easily and leaves no greasy film for a greater comfort of use.

The free kit will allow you to keep both your assets and products always at hand.

So, check out this complete Box for a perfect and complete pedicure!


Beauty of the feet.

Directions for use:

Put on your grater, then roll on your calluses.Then, apply the oil dry feet with massage until complete penetration.


1 electric grater (batteries and brush included).1 oil dry feet, 50ml spray.