Unyque Tampons with applicator Mini x 16

Mini tampons with applicators in natural cotton fibers.

Manufacturer: Unyque

SKU: 6700138


Unyque is a brand developed for women with sensitive skin, not wishing to use tampons of synthetic material. Tampons with applicator Unyque consist only of natural cotton fibers. They provide very effective protection while being comfortable and soft. These pads have been designed for light streams. Their applicator allow hygienic placement, you won't have any trouble getting your buffer.


For light streams

Directions for use:

Wash hands before and after the establishment of the buffer. Always check that the previous buffer may have been removed before introducing a new. Change on average every 3 to 8 hours (depending on the workflow). It is not necessary to remove its buffer to the toilet or the shower. If in doubt between two sizes, choose always the smallest.


Cotton fibers. Cord: 100% cotton


Box of 16 mini stamps