Haut-Ségala Natural Mineral Deodorant Alum Stone 100g

Mineral natural stone of alum deodorant.

Manufacturer: Haut Ségala

SKU: LCS_1801042


Top-Ségala Deodorant Mineral natural stone of alum is a stone of alum treatment.It allows:

  • to neutralize the perspiration
  • to eliminate odors
  • to prevent fermentation
  • of limiterla formation of bacteria

It is a natural way to combat the sweating.It can be applied on the feet and armpits.The skin is protected and not assaulted.


Spray against perspiration.Suitable for all skin types; even the most sensitive.Without hydrochloride of aluminium - Ammonium - without dye - no preservatives - no perfume-hypoallergenic.

Directions for use:

Use once a day; on the armpits and/or feet.Slightly wet the stone and apply on the armpits, feet, and small cuts for fast healing.


Aqua, potassium alum, benzyl alcohol 100% alum stone natural "Potassium Alun". "


Stone natural 100g alum.