Think Fix Fixative for devices dental 50g cream

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The cream think fixative, Fix to fix your denture firmly and for a long time. You can eat your meal in peace.

Hypoallergenic, its formula contains no zinc, dye and preservative. It does not affect the dental prosthesis.

Most of this product? Its neutral taste.


Fixative cream for braces.

Directions for use:

The dental device.Apply a small amount of fixative cream in 3 points thanks to the precision tip. If necessary, add a little cream. (Attention: do not it overflows.)The device in the mouth holding a few seconds.Wait 5 minutes before eating or drinking.


Paraffinum liquidum, Calcium, Sodium, PVM / my copolymer, Cellulose gum, Petrolatum, Silica.


50g tube.