The revenue of Céliane Biscuits breakfast 12 biscuits

Cookies chocolate chip breakfast and honey, gluten-and lactose.

Manufacturer: Les Recettes de Céliane



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Céliane Biscuits breakfast recipes are 12 delicious cookies gluten-and lactose.

Formulated specifically for people intolerant or allergic, you will find these cute cakes a fiber source to start the day off right.

Its chocolate chips and good aroma of honey actually something delicious and tasty to enjoy early in the morning.

3 4 cookies freshness pouches in fact an ideal product to carry as well for breakfast on the way as break gourmet in the day.


Biscuits breakfast without gluten or lactose.

Directions for use:

Store preferably away from moisture and heat.


Rice flour semi-complete *, chocolate chips * 12% (cocoa *, Brown cane sugar *, cocoa butter *), non hydrogenated palm oil *, corn starch *, corn flour *, glucose syrup * (corn), water, sugar cane blond *, buckwheat flour *, sunflower seeds *, proteins of pea, millet seeds *, honey * 1.4%, cocoa powder *, aroma of vanilla and other natural flavors *. , salt, emulsifier: lecithin of sunflower, powder levante: ammonium carbonate.* ingredients from organic farming.Allergens:Gluten-free, dairy-free and lactose-free. Manufactured in a workshop where do not: wheat, gluten, peanuts, fish, shellfish, celery, mustard, shellfish, sesame, soy, lupin, sulphites. Risk of traces of egg and nuts.


3 sachets freshness of 4 cookies.