Les 3 Chênes Color & Soin Light Golden Chestnut 5G

Hair care based on vegetable proteins and essential oils.

Manufacturer: Les 3 Chenes



SKU: 75394175G


Les 3 Chênes Color & Soin Light Golden Chestnut 5G is a custom color for your hair.

Thanks to its composition, this colouring offers you radiance, volume, softness and suppleness.It protects your scalp from irritations and allergy problems.

Directions for use

Pour the contents into the color care fixator bottle
Shake for 2 minutes
Remove the cap from the applicator cap
Apply the entire mixture
Leave on for 20 minutes
Pour some warm water on your hair
Rinse thoroughly
Wash your hair with a soft shampoo.


Peg-2 oleamine. Aqua purificata (purified water). Cocamide dea. Alcohol denat (alcohol). Propylene glycol.
Ethanolamine. Oleic acid. Sodium sulfite. Tetrasodium edta. Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (Triticum vulgare. Soy, Corn, Avena sativa).
Sodium erythorbate. P-aminophenol. P-phenylenediamine. 2-Methylresorcinol. 4-Chlororesorcinol. 4-amino-2-hydroxytoluene.


1 vial of 60ml tincture
+ 1 x 60ml fixator applicator bottle
+ 1 mono-dose hair balm stabilizer
+ of the gloves.