TAAJ Kerala Radiance Day Cream 50ml

radiance day cream anti stains to unify and smoothing the skin.
Manufacturer: TAAJ
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Subramaniam r laboratory offers the day cream Kerala anti stains that will improve the appearance of your skin. It is perfectly suitable for all skin types.

Indeed, this care Skin Perfector unifies and smooth your skin revealing your radiance.

All the assets it contains allow you to decrease all imperfections such as buttons, pores, redness or tasks.

In addition, it protects anti-free radicals. It protected from the rays of the Sun with its index SPF15.

Your skin finds all its brilliance. It revitalized, clean and fresh.

Your complexion is radiant.

Tips for using Subramaniam r Kerala radiance day cream:

Apply on the skin of the face and dcollet clean and crisp mornings.


Without Parabens, phenoxyethanol or mineral oils.

Tested under dermatological control.