SVR Xerialine fluid body lotion 500ml


SKU: 7376530 SVR Xerialine fluid body lotion 500 ml

Indications bodily Fluid moisturizer for normal skin to dry. Properties moisturizing complex-based (urea, lactic acid, glycerol) reinforced by the liquid crystal technology, XERIALINE permanently restores the moisture content of the skin. enriched soothing (allantoin) and lipid (Shea butter), the formula H/E de XERIALINE calms the sensations of tugging and restores the film hydrolipidic protective. fluid and light XERIALINE texture spreads easily on any the body, penetrates quickly and permanently restores softness, flexibility and comfort to the normal skin to dry. operating tips Apply daily gentle massage over the entire body as often as necessary. products that can associate For skin desquamatives and severe droughts, use in intensive care XERIAL 10 and XERIALINE maintenance.