SVR Xerial 10 milk body lotion 500ml


SKU: 9556555 SVR Xerial 10 milk body lotion 500 ml

Indications emollient body lotion moisturizer intense skin dry and scaly. Properties based on the innovative keratoregulateur complex (urea, lactic acid, urea glycospheres) reinforced by glycerol, XERIAL 10 eliminates dander in sweetness. designed for a maximum (without fragrance) and enriched with moisturizing elements tolerance, soothing (allantoin) and lipid (Shea butter), form E/H of XERIAL 10 rehydrates soothes the sensations of tugging and restores the film hydrolipidic protective. XERIAL 10 creamy texture spreads easily and sustainably restores suppleness and comfort skin the more. dry operating tips Apply gentle massage 1-2 times a day, preferably after the toilet, as well in adults than in young children. Recommended after some drying dermatological treatments (puva...).