SVR Topialyse Sensitive cream 200ml


SKU: 4397514 SVR Topialyse Sensitive cream 200 ml


Care emollient (face and body) specific to very dry, atopic or intolerant skin, infant, child and adult.


Topialyse Sensitive cream guarantees a maximum tolerance, its new comprehensive formula acts on all factors of atopic dry:

  • Oil Borage (rich in Omega 6) and oil of camelina (rich in Omega 3) vector in the spherulites have a genuine synergy of action. Associated with vitamin E and shea butter, they provide restructuring, moisturizing and emolliency to restore the cutaneous barrier.
  • The licorice, module release of mediators involved in the phenomena of skin irritation and thus reduce the incentive for scratching and calm irritation Reduction of itching-83% * Study clinic Dermscan 21 days - January 2006
  • Sanitizer, burdock, extract protects the skin by limiting the proliferation of bacteria

Ultra rich emulsion E/H, Topialyse Sensitive cream emollient penetrates easily, nourishes and soothes permanently parched skin. The skin thus find comfort and flexibility safely.

tips to use:

During outbreaks, recommended in combination with topical medication (excluding oozing lesions). Apart from breakouts, Topialyse Sensitive emollient cream, used alone, to space crises. In application 1 to 2 times per day.

Products that we can associate recommended in combination and then relay of medicated topical treatments. Toilet use Topialyse Sensitive Gel amount softness. * the upper layers of the epidermis