SVR Rubialine mask 50ml


SKU: 4692503 SVR Rubialine mask 50 ml

Indications: active anti-redness mask. Sensitive and reactive skin. permanent or transient redness, feelings of discomfort (tightness).

Properties: Rubialine mask effectively fights against the sensations of temperature rises through a specific asset with a cool effect, immediate and long term.

The Ruscus and vitamin P-like contribute to the improvement of Microcirculation dermal. the Sulfat ede Dextran soothes and decongests the skin. Real bath of appeasement, it effectively reduces the intensity of redness, moisturizes * and provides immediate relief from its application.

Composition: Dextran Sulfate mineral polymer Xylitol

Rubialine mask is extremely well tolerated by sensitive skin.

Operating tips: apply in a thick layer on the face and neck thoroughly cleaned with Rubialine Dermo-cleansing. leave to act for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove any excess with a cotton.