SVR Lysalpha matifying 40ml


SKU: 4622744 SVR Lysalpha matifying 40 ml

Description: Lysalpha matifying cream matifies lasting skin through the unique combination of 3 active ingredients selected to effectively neutralize the factors responsible for the brightness :-Zinc, associated with specific microsensors, is at the heart of the pores to regulate and absorb the production of sebum. -the Gluconolactone is a which has a more effective and better tolerated than the AHA Exfoliating action. It refines the skin's texture and tightens the pores. -Innovation: assets Tephrosia Purpurea is able to regulate excess sebum linked to stress. pleasantly fragrant, its fresh texture and light, oil-free moisturize intensely and quickly penetrates. The skin becomes soft, clear and matte, the complexion glows. Non-comedogenic - No paraben.

indications: daily care matting for combination to oily skin.

operating tips:

Apply morning and evening to perfectly cleansed skin. excellent makeup base.