SVR Hydracid Peel 15ml

Anti-aging face cream. Dictionary the dermatological anti-wrinkle treatments.

Manufacturer: SVR

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SKU: 4646271 SVR Hydracid Peel 15 ml

Indicationsanti-aging face cream. Dictionary anti-wrinkle dermatological treatment.Propertiesfirst peel which combine Retinol and glycolic acid. Stimulates cell renewal and exfoliates the epidermis cells to smooth out terrain. Accelerates and dictionary the anti-wrinkle treatments. In preparation of the anti-wrinkle Peel.operating tipsonly evening in cure of one renewable month daily or local applications on the face, neck and dcollet for a 'new skin' effect.CompositionRetinol, glycolic acid 15%, fragrance, PH 3.8. O/W emulsion.products that can associateHydracid C20 morning.