SVR Hydracid Lift Serum 30ml


SKU: 4835606 SVR Hydracid Lift Serum 30 ml

Indications : Serum tensor lifting. cosmetic Alternative or injections of toxin botulinum. relays Properties: Based on a totally innovative association lipo-amino acid + xanthan gum polymer, Hydracid Lift is by mechanical effect relaxing to decrease wrinkles formed by repeated facial movements and has an immediate tensor effect and sustainable. skin visibly smooth and tautened , found his youth.

Results *: smoother skin... 91% ... diminished wrinkles . 81% phrased skin across the face... 87% tensing effect long term... . 87% * % satisfaction on 22 women at 28 days.

Operating tips: Apply morning or evening. For effect lifting optimal, distribute the serum several keys throughout the face. Spread of the fingertips from the inside to the outside of the face. Well insist on wrinkles (forehead, crow's-feet...).

Tested under dermatological control.