SVR Hydracid Alpha + 30 ml


SKU: 7727107 SVR Hydracid Alpha + 30 ml

Indications anti-aging face cream. Corrects the effects of physiological and hormonal skin aging. Properties wrinkle base and more common Hydracid + has 6% AHA to increase the speed of cell renewal and smooth wrinkles and 0.3% of Cimicifuga Racimosa to increase the hormone like effect. This is a night cream recommended as early as 35 years that restructures the skin, smoothes wrinkles and redensifies the dermis. operating tips The evening preferably on a skin clean and dry. Composition sorting SEVOL 0.75%, Phyto age 0.3%, Retinol 0.3%, vitamin E 3%, 6% AHA, Bisabolol 0.5%, moisturizing Agents 13%, fragrance. Emulsion E/H. products that can associate before the implementation of Hydracid + , cleaned the skin with a liquid gel without cold cream SOAP such as Provegol Gel amount. morning associate Hydracid C for its protective effect.