SVR Emulsion 50ml

Care and protection of the skin very dry constitutional origins

Manufacturer: SVR

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SKU: 6045357 SVR Emulsion 50 ml

IndicationsCare and protection of very dry skin of constitutional origins, however due to climatic assaults or therapeutic.Propertieshighly moisturizing protective and relipidante, the SVR EMULSION should its activity to the synergy between its assets and its formulation E/H. The fat 60% strengthens and extends its effectiveness. Allantoin year brings additional soothing action. Very rich and creamy, texture nourishes and protects the skin giving a pleasant feeling of comfort.operating tipsapply layer thin on the face, body, hands or feet are damaged. Gently massage to penetrate.CompositionAllantoin 1%. 5% Glycerin. Lactic acid.