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Super Diet Oligocean PMI 30 bulbs

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Sea water is water that differs especially by its salinity, i.e. by its content of dissolved salts. Although the salinity of this can vary depending on latitude, its is to insure have has constant composition. Found on average in seawater approximately 33g of salt per litre.

PMI, Plasma sailor isotonic

get a plasma isotonic, PMI is produced from seawater that is diluted with purified water. We have selected off the island of Groix in Brittany to draw our water of sea. PMI is achieved through a micro-filtration to 0.2 microns, without treatment at high temperature (> 100 C) and without irradiation according to the principles of Ren Quinton.

operating tips:

outside of meals, take 1 or 2 ampullae of PMI, 2 times per day for 1 month.

Renewable program. To mitigate the salty taste, place your bulbs to cool or accompany them and some lemon juice.

In treatment of maintenance, repeat 4 times in the year. For pregnant and lactating women, seek the advice of your physician before use.

It is recommended to observe the doses recommended, to ensure a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep out of reach of young children.


Purified water, seawater. May contain traces of crustaceans, fish, shellfish.

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