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Stimunal Spray 2 years and + 125 ml

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SKU 7521908 Stimunal Spray 2 years and +


The Spray to Calendula Stimunal of laboratories Terali contains a nasal saline Calendula to l 'hygiene of the nose and throat daily. Stimunal Spray spray into each nostril to eliminate dust, allergens and microbes accumulated during the day. It is designed specifically for children from 2 years +. the nasal Mucosa, humidified, purified, can effectively play its role of filter against external aggressions: germs, pollution, smoking. the mucous membranes of the throat permanently secrete a protective mucus that with saliva, contributes to the comfort and hygiene of the respiratory tract. But too dry air, smoking, a nose that flows or a hay fever that prevents to breathe normally through the nose can disrupt this mechanism. Hoarseness, tingling, like coughing, sore throat appear. Stimunal Spray Calendula helps to soothe irritation and restoring balance nasal. with a formula adapted to the environment of the mucosa and preservative, Stimunal Calendula Spray can be used :

  • for daily hygiene of the throat and nose.
  • Prevention of pathologies of the ENT (otitis, sinusitis).
  • In case of nose running, stuffy nose, hay fever.
  • In the case of dry or irritated throat.
  • Care pre and post operative of the head and neck.

operating Stimunal Spray Tips:

Stimunal Spray can be used several times a day without disadvantage from the age of 2.

  • Choose the nozzle depending on the desired use: nosepiece for washing of the nose, mouthpiece for the hygiene and comfort of the throat.
  • Perform 2 sprays twice a day or more if necessary, to clean the nose or soften throat.

Contraindicated for the newborn and infant of less than 2 years. Read carefully the instructions on the case before use.

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