Stérimar Nasal Hygiene Spray 2 x 100ml

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Sea water solution for nasal hygiene and maintaining a healthy nasal mucous membrane.

Manufacturer: Sterimar

SKU: 2582242


The Nasal Hygiene Spray from Stérimar is a sea water base solution

Stérimar is indicated to help remove impurities and mucous from your nose. Its formula containing 100% filtered natural sea water allows you to recover the nature moisture and hydration in the nasal interior as well as strengthening the natural defenses of your nasal mucouses. 

Its composition, rich in sea trace elements and mineral salts means you can use this spray as a prevention against winter illnesses or to cleanse your nostrils regularly, even everyday. The Stérimar spray end guarantees optimum hygiene thanks to its complex anti-reflux valve system to prevent the entry of air when in use. Maintaining a healthy and clear nasal airway is important also to sound sleep and to not exacerbate any respiratory conditions (e.g. asthma).

Stérimar offer seawater-base sprays for nasal hygiene for adults and children.

Their productsare for daily use or for blocked noses but also help soothe allergies and nasal conditions like colds and rhinitis.


Filtered physiological sea water solution for daily nasal hygiene. 

Recommended Use:

The Stérimar nose spray can be used in any position. For optimum use, our in-house pharmacists have recommended the following pieces of advice: 

For daily cleansing: 

Insert the end of the spray tip into your nostril.Spray once.Allow the solution to flow out.Blow and wipe your nose. When your nose becomes blocked: Follow the same steps above for daily nose cleansing repeating the process every three hours. 


Sea water: 31.82ml, Purified water qsp. 100ml.


2 x 1 aerosol bottle 100ml (approx. 600 sprays).



Number of reviews : 6
Average rating : 4.8 /5
B. Steven
  the 22/05/2017
5/ 5
Works extremely well. Just had a nose operation and this product has helped enormously.
A. Clare
  the 14/05/2017
4/ 5
O. Yuanan
  the 06/05/2017
5/ 5
Incredible product. Normally have to take tablets for hay fever, etc. I have not had to take any using Sterimar.
T. Richard
  the 04/05/2017
5/ 5
This is a product I have used over a long period, I always shop around, Sanavera offers the lowest prices.
W. Marie
  the 31/03/2017
5/ 5
Really works for keeping colds at bay.