Sponge Konjac

Soft sponge for daily washing, suitable for sensitive, delicate, assaulted and reactive skins.

Manufacturer: Lysse Cosmetics



SKU: 6028967


Thesponge Konjac is ideal for your daily cleansing: it cleans your skin smoothly. It allows also to exfoliate it, clean it and smooth it.

Made from konjac root (a vegetable in Asia found in China, the Viet Nam, the Japan, Indonesia or South Korea), it is soft, absorbent and delicate, but is no less effective. It eliminates dead cells and excess oil.

With its little cord, you can suspend it after use so that it dries.


Sponge for skin sensitive, delicate, konjac assaulted and reactive.

Directions for use:

Apply on the skin.


  • From use, it is normal that SpongeBob crumbles as and when. Use of at least 3 months is guaranteed.
  • A sponge that has not been utiilsee several days can be dry and lasts: she will resume its natural wet form as soon as it will be again wet.


Roots of konjac.


1 sponge.