Spinbrush ProClean flexible

battery toothbrush which eliminates up to 70% of dental plaque than a toothbrush manual.
Manufacturer: Spinbrush


SKU 0009767 Spinbrush ProClean flexible


A battery toothbrush offers a great cleansing action with every stroke, compared to the classical manual toothbrush.

Spinbrush ProClean is a toothbrush battery that eliminates up to 70% of dental plaque than a manual toothbrush classic.

His head double cleaning action is ultra efficient. She cleans the teeth even in hard to reach places and very easily removes dental plaque.

Its wear indicator lets you know when change the brush head. Indeed, the blue hairs turn white when it is time to change the brush head. This change is to make about all 3 months.

Spinbrush ProClean operating tips:

Use the toothbrush Spinbrush Proclean after each meal for 2 minutes every day. Replace the brush head every 3 months when the blue hairs become white.


the batteries are supplied with the brush teeth. Only Spinbrush ProClean brush heads are adapted to replace those worn.

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