Somatoline Cosmetic For Men Ab Definition 200ml

Reduces localised fat. Tones of 27% in 4 weeks
Manufacturer: Somatoline Cosmetic
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SKU: 9651118 Somatoline Cosmetic man treatment abdominals Top Definition is an innovative cosmetic cream gel that penetrates quickly. Designed to reduce localized human fat, it tones the abdominal area, helping to reveal tissue muscle. it contains an exclusive active cosmetic complex, the MenDefinition-complex enriched with caffeine and carnitine which, thanks to the application by massage, promotes the reduction of localized fat storage surface and tones tissue skin. results : instrumental clinical tests on 38 men with fat localized at the level of the abdominal area, shows that, through the application by massage, Somatoline Cosmetic Man Treatment Abdominals Top Definition : * reduced fat located in 4 weeks * tones and tightens skin tissue in the abdominal region of 27% (average value) in 4 weeks. operating tips : apply a DAB of product on the treated areas, morning and evening, massaging with circular movements until it absorbed full. continue treatment for 4 weeks. regular use, even after 4 weeks of treatment, helps to maintain the results obtained. leaves no residue. Non-fatty. Allows you to dress immediately after application. wash the hands thoroughly after use.