Somatoline Cosmetic Anti-Cellulite First Cellulite 150ml

Anti-cellulite cream.
Manufacturer: Somatoline Cosmetic
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SKU: 9000363 Somatoline Cosmetic Anti-Cellulite first Cellulite draining Action

Cellulite is a small problem that may be be a real struggle to make it disappear.

Somatoline cosmetic laboratories offer discover Somatoline Cosmetic anti-cellulite "First cellulite" anti-cellulite treatment which has already proved its!

Somatoline first Cellulite Cosmetic composition

Its formula is based on OsmoDrainActive-complex, an association of components against cellulite. In addition to a draining action, Somatoline Cosmetic anti-cellulite "Premiere cellulite" brings you the following advantages:

  • effective drainage of excess liquids, subcutaneous microcirculation is then improved.
  • your capillary permeability reduction facilitating the reabsorption of the present liquids in your tissue.
  • protection of your fibers of collagen by one maintains their elasticity.
  • a phasing out of the fat either by slowing down of their formations.

visible results

Somatoline Cosmetic anti-cellulite "Premiere cellulite" was the subject of a clinical-instrumental test placebo tested on 40 women. The results are indicative of its effectiveness:

after 4 weeks of testing, it has been possible to observe a reduction in the water retension, cellulite reduction, toning of skin tissue.