Somatoline Cosmetic Anti-cellulite 150ml

SKU: 4785392 Somatoline Cosmetic Anti-cellulite 150 ml

Somatoline Cosmetic Anti-Cellulite is a ultra-penetrating cream specially formulated to combat the effects of cellulite, especially at the level of the rebel areas.Somatoline Cosmetic Anti-Cellulite contains Phytocellactive complex, composed of caffeine UF at 5%, Adipoless and Edemine, which work in synergy to a triple action:

* they help to mobilize and burn fat in fat cells (lipolysis)* they prevent the development of fat cells for a "anti-recidive" action by braking the FAT (inhibition of adipogénesis) storage "* they promote the natural elimination of liquids in excess.In addition, the effectiveness of the Phytocellactive complex is enhanced by unique cryo-thermal action (cold hot effect), which will:

* Stimulate subcutaneous microcirculation and thus reactivate the responsible for metabolism of the natural elimination of cellulite* help increase the receptivity of the skin favouring the penetration of the active.

Dice 2 weeks of application, the accumulated fats are dislodged, anti-cellulitis terrain flattens, the skin retracts have texture facilitates the massage for better efficiency while the cryothermique action a sensation of freshness and lightness.

result s:

A clinical study of 25 women with body areas with cellulite rebel, shows that Somatoline Cosmetic Anti-cellulite, associated with a massage during the application:

* is the effects of cellulite for significant efficiency from 28 days of 33% (average value; the pinch test)* tones and tightens skin tissue after 4 weeks of application* smooth dimples and visibly remodels curves

The results are quick, visible and sustainable.