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Somatoline Cosmetic Anti-cellulite 150ml

£23.50 This product is no longer made or distributed.
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SKU 4785392 The Somatoline anti-cellulite cream makes it possible to fight effectively the effects of the cellulite, in particular on the level of the rebel zones.

Its formula contains the Phytocellactive-complex, composed of 5% caffeine, Adipoless and Edemine, which act in synergy for a triple action:
  • they help to mobilise and burn the fat contained in the adipocytes (lipolysis),
  • they prevent the development of adipocytes, for an 'anti-recidivism' action, by slowing down the storage of fat (inhibition of adipogenesis)
  • they promote the natural elimination of excess liquids.
Moreover, the effectiveness of Phytocellactive-complex is reinforced by a unique cryothermal action (hot-cold effect), which will :
  • stimulate the subcutaneous microcirculation and thus reactivate the metabolism responsible for the natural elimination of cellulite,
  • help to increase the skin's receptivity, thus favouring the penetration of the active ingredients.
After 2 weeks of application, the accumulated fat is dislodged, the cellulite relief is smoothed out, the skin retracts as if streamlined.

Its rich texture facilitates massage for greater effectiveness while the cryothermal action provides a sensation of freshness and lightness.

A clinical study carried out with 25 women presenting body zones with rebel cellulite, shows that the Somatoline Anti-cellulite cream, associated with a massage at the time of the application :
  • acts on the effects of cellulite for a significant effectiveness after 28 days of 33% (average value; pinch test),
  • tones and tightens the skin tissue after 4 weeks of application,
  • smoothes out dimples and visibly reshapes curves.
The results are fast, visible and long-lasting.

And if you want to slim down, Somatoline also offers an Intensive Night Care. Discover it in our article 'Which slimming results do Somatoline Cosmetic products guarantee you?

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