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SingulaDerm Xpert firming 50ml

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SKU 9515444 SingulaDerm Xpert firming 50ml

the problem with time, the adhesion between the cells of the epidermis and the DermIS is reduced significantly, therefore skin is less dense, less compact and less elastic. skin of neck and dcollet, more fragile and vulnerable than the face does not a good maintains muscle, lack of sebaceous glands and melanocytes and thus accused most markedly this loss of adhesion. this particular area is the large forgotten during daily beauty care, thus accusing premature wrinkles result from loss of elasticity Xpert solution given its fragility and the weakness of its protection, the skin of the neck and dcollet needs softer forms-specific treatments, but not less effective, than those of the face. Xpert firming strengthens and redensifies the skin of the neck and dcollet, and help to preserve its integrity. In just two months, the skin is smoother and more elastic. Innovations Xpert Expression formula contains Argireline and Leuphasyl , a peptide complex that is at the level of the mechanism of formation of the ride so that injections of botulinum toxin are much more invasive. The big difference lies in the fact that Xpert Expression promotes relaxation muscle and reduces the depth of wrinkles, while botulinum toxin causes paralysis of the muscle. day after day, the skin of neck and the NECKLINE is RETENDUE VISIBLY more farm and more smooth

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