SingulaDerm Xpert Radiant 50ml


SKU: 9515450 SingulaDerm Xpert Radiant 50ml

Xpert Radiant is an illuminating emulsion which corrects and unifies the complexion, the skin thus regains all its brilliance. It is specially indicated for dull skin, stressed or have tasks


melamine is made after a series of chain reactions that are initiated by an enzyme: Tyrosinase. Xpert Radiant inhibits its action causing thus an effect pigment and illuminator after 30 days of treatment. Its formula has demonstrated in vitro effect lightening more important than that of acid Kojic after 5 days of treatment.

instruction manual:

Apply on the skin twice a day with a light massage, avoiding the eye contour. For dark stains, apply a larger amount on the task and massage until its total penetration.


50 ml tube