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SingulaDerm Xpert Lot 4 Anti Age products

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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin, it is loaded to give firmness and radiance. During the process of aging, its quality and its quantity tend to decrease considerably, thereby promoting the formation of wrinkles and loss of density of the skin. more this process can be accelerated by prolonged exposure to the Sun, pollution, or poor hygiene of life. So it's very important to use cosmetic formulas that contain free anti-free which protect the skin and help it to prevent this aging premature. 4 products in this kit are:

-Singuladerm Xpert Radiant 50 ml: his action causing an effect pigment and illuminator after 30 days of treatment. Its formula has demonstrated in vitro effect lightening more important than that of acid Kojic after 5 days of treatment. Apply on the skin twice a day with a light massage, avoiding the eye contour. For dark stains, apply a larger amount on the task and massage until its total penetration. - Singuladerm Xpert Collageneur 50 ml: during aging, there is a decrease in the amount of collagen and its quality causing the appearance of fine lines and finally the development of wrinkles it increases the formation of collagen in the skin and protects it from degradation provides better stabilization and cohesion to fibres and improves the firmness of the skin. - Singuladerm Xpert Expression 50 ml: contains a complex peptide, designed specifically to treat wrinkles and prevent their appearance. It is therefore a cosmetic alternative to injections of botulinum toxin that promotes relaxation muscle and reduces the depth of wrinkles, it can also be used in addition to injections, to increase their efficiency and extend their results in time. Apply twice a day on the cleaned face with light massages at the level of wrinkles until its total absorption. - Singuladerm Xpert firming 50 ml: given its fragility and the weakness of its protection, the skin of the neck and dcollet needs softer forms-specific treatments, but not less effective, than those of the face. Xpert firming strengthens and redensifies the skin of the neck and dcollet, and help to preserve its integrity. In just two months, the skin is smoother and more elastic. Allows the skin to recover its firmness and its softness.

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