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SingulaDerm Xpert Expression 50ml

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SKU 9515473 SingulaDerm Xpert Expression 50 ml

the problem every day, your face is near 15 000 face involuntary movements to express your state of mind: joy, sadness, surprise, gene...with the passing of the years, these actions remain etched on your skin, first got thin lines and then in the wrinkles of expressions, usually located on the area of the front glabellar (the lion wrinkle), periorbital ('Crow') Perioral (the smoker wrinkles), nasal and ("nasolabial" "). Xpert solution Xpert Expression formula contains a complex peptide, designed specifically to treat wrinkles and prevent their appearance. It therefore a cosmetic alternative to injections of botulinum toxin.It can also be used in addition to injections, to increase their efficiency and extend their results in time. Innovations Xpert Expression formula contains Argireline and Leuphasyl, a peptide complex that is at the level of the mechanism of training of the ride so that injections of botulinum toxin are much more invasive. The big difference lies in the fact that Xpert Expression promotes relaxation muscle and reduces the depth of wrinkles, while botulinum toxin causes paralysis of the muscle. instruction Apply Xpert Expression twice daily on the face clean with light massages at the level of wrinkles until completely absorbed.

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