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SingulaDerm Xpert Collageneur 50ml

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SKU 9515510 SingulaDerm Xpert Collageneur 50 ml

the problemcollagen is the most abundant protein in the skin, it is responsible to give firmness and radiance. During the process of aging, its quality and its quantity tends to decrease considerably, thereby promoting the training of wrinkles and loss of density of the skin.more this process can be accelerated by prolonged exposure to the Sun, pollution, or poor hygiene of life. Therefore, it is very important to use cosmetic formulas that contain free anti-free which protect the skin and helps prevent premature aging.the Xpert solutionXpert Collageneur is formula designed specifically to combat the physiological aging of the skin, by acting on the steps that limit the life of collagen and increasing not only quantity, but also its quality. In addition, its formula contains a free anti-free peptide, which protects the skin against intrinsic and extrinsic at the origin of the premature aging agents.InnovationXpert Collageneur contains a unique combination of peptides and proteins that stimulate the synthesis of collagen, avoid its degradation and maintain its structure and its organization, avoiding the deterioration of connective tissue, the loss of the three dimensional integrity of the skin and the appearance of physiological wrinkles.the wrinkles are and the skin renewed its radiance and FIRMNESS SA LISSEES

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