Silincode SOS Sticker

SOS sticker with a QR code to save your medical information.

Manufacturer: Silincode

SKU: 9022079


Silincode SOS sticker allows you to bring your medical information everywhere you go.

Thanks to this practical technological innovation, you let people who rescue you and medical personnel to be more efficient, and easier access to important information about you, such as:

  • Your contact information,
  • Age, height and weight,
  • Your allergies
  • Your transfusions or blood donations,
  • Your medical history.

Usage is very simple, you don't have to activate your sticker by scanning the QR code with a smartphone.


Backup of medical information

Directions for use:

Scan the QR Code of your Sticker Silincode SOS using a smartphone or tablet.

Enter a valid e-mail address to create your account Silincode SOS, and enter the activation code on the back of the card containing the Bracelet or the Sticker.An email is then sent to the e-mail address you have entered.

Go to your Inbox and click the link of the mail "Silincode - account Verification.Then create your password to complete the activation of your account Silincode SOS.

Fill in and save your personal identifying information, your contact details and your important medical information.None of this information is mandatory, you fill in only the data that you want to appear.

Anyone who will scan the QR Code to your Sticker Silincode SOS will immediately have access to the information contained in your profile.At the same time, two emails will be sent to your pre-recorded contacts: one indicating that your QR Code comes to be scanned, the other indicating your approximate location.


Silincode SOS sticker.