Schwarzkopf Professional BC Color Freeze Silver Shampoo 250 ml

Color Freeze Range. Neutralises the bleach blonde effect of highlighted and dyed hair.

Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf Professional

SKU: 8724052


Schwarzkopf Professional is such a big brand recognised in the world of hairdressing. It offers different ranges of care adapted specifically to your type of hair.

White or bleached hair is more fragile. This means it needs more sepcific care. Otherwise yellow reflections may appear, showing a bleach blonde effect. In order to keep your hair healthy and coloured as if it was the first day, use the Schwarzkopf Professional BC Color Feeze range, made especially for sensitive, coloured hair. The Silver Shampoo range is for white or bleached hair. These assets neutralise yellow reflections. With its Cell Perfector technology, these properties work in the heart of the capillary fibre in order to preserve hair structure.


Silver Shampoo for sensitive, dyed hair to reduce the yellow reflection and keep your hair colour as if it was the first day.

Your hair is so vivid, nourished and more resistant. Shiny and easy to style.

Recommended Use:

Color Freeze shampoo Silver is to be used in addition to your Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me shine Shampoo 250ml.

Apply the Color Freeze Shampoo one to two times a week as as well as your regular shampoo, it does not replace your usual shampoo. It is a true professional quality care.

Apply a nut-size amount of shampoo, lather and then rinse off.


1 x 250ml bottle.