Scholl restorative cream Active Repair K + 60 ml

Restorative cream for dry heels, cracked and wrinkled.

Manufacturer: Scholl

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Scholl restorative cream Active Repair is a creme which allows to "actively" repair the skin of dry heels, cracked or peppered.It helps the process of natural skin renewal by the stimulation of cells growth and the construction of a natural barrier to increase skin cell repair.

The effects are visible after 3 days.The heels are smooth, soft and supple in 7 days.


Treatment anti-crevasses and cracks.This product is suitable for diabetics or people with circulatory disorders.

Directions for use:

Use 2 times a day on clean, dry skin.Apply by performing a delicate massage until penetration of the care.Once the skin refreshed, continue to moisturize daily.


Urea, dimethicone, decyl oleate, petrolatum, lanolin, dicocoyl pentaerythrityl distearyl citrate, panthenol, cera microcristallina, tridocosahexaenoate oleate, dead, aluminum stearate, propylene glycol, Aqua, phenoxyethanol, carbomer, chlorphenesin, bisabolol, acetate, acetate, sorbitol, methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparaben, faex, BHA, citric acid. 25%, chlorphenesin, bisabolol, excipients qsp 100% urea.


60ml tube.