Scholl Light Leg Tights Size S

Elegant support tights for light, curved legs.

Manufacturer: Scholl

SKU: 6023685


Scholl's Light Legs tights are suitable for women who experience the sensation of heavy legs on a daily basis.

They stimulate blood circulation in the legs for optimal comfort.

Your legs are light all day long and streamlined thanks to a better circulation. 

The progressive compression gives you that light leg feeling from morning to night. 

 Scholl's Light Legs tights are very resistant and elegant. They are semi-transparent and can be worn every day without medical advice, especially in the mid-season.


Black support tights Size S 20D.
Size S:
150cm ,from 45 to 60kg
From 155cm to 160cm from 40 to 50kg 

Directions for use

Put your hands inside the runner, put on delicately, starting with your foot, then slowly go up along your leg.


77% Polyamide, 23% Elastane.


A pair of black tights.