Scholl Activ Gel soles heels dailies 1 pair

Soles for daily heels that bring comfort and softness all day.

Manufacturer: Scholl

SKU: 4993151


Soles heels daily ActivGel of Scholl are transparent and anatomical insoles that contain a soft gel to marry the movement of the Arch of the foot and the heel to absorb the micro-chocs generated by the market. These insoles are specially designed for the heels under 5.5 cm in height, and they are suitable for sizes ranging from 35 to 40.5. Through the pads located under the sole of the foot, the heel pain have eased and the sensation of tired late in the day feet disappears to make room for a feeling of comfort and softness.


Suitable for sizes of 35 to 40, 5.adapte to high heels under 5.5 cm in height.

Directions for use:

Make sure that the inside of the shoe is clean and dry before use. Remove the plastic wrap and locate the marks indicating the left sole (L) and right (R). Place the sole in the corresponding shoe, side Member down. Place the sole so that the raised area of the sole is in direct contact with the Arch of the foot. Reposition if necessary so that the support follows the shape of your foot arch. Replace after 6 months or at the first sign of wear. To remove the base, remove it slowly and gently to the shoe.


A pair of insoles.