Scholl Activ Gel insoles man 42-48 professionals 1 pair

Shoes men size 42-48 for the feet very solicited in order toabsorb shock.
Manufacturer: Scholl


SKU 9704144 Scholl Activ Gel insoles men 42-48 professionals 1 pair


Scholl offers Activ Gel professional insoles for men.

They are noted for high demand feet.

Sa ActivGel anti-shock technology allows to absorb shock and prevent the discomfort associated with calluses.

Pressure excessive used on the feet when you stay too long standing or when the market is reduced. Your feet are less tired.

These soles offer cushioning and support throughout the day.

In addition, these insoles to the ergonomic design ensures an efficient distribution of impacts and pressure.


Comfort for the feet of men. Solicited feet.

Operating tips

Cut the base according to the contour corresponding to your size.

For best results, remove the base of origin and replace it with the Scholl Activ Gel side Sport gel insoles down.

Replace the soles when they show signs of wear. Regularly clean the soles by wiping them with a cloth soaked with warm water and SOAP.