Saugella Girl Emulsion cleansing 200ml & Kit flower offered

mild cleansing Emulsion for the hygiene intimate of daughters aged 3.
Manufacturer: Saugella


SKU 2638675 Saugella Girl Emulsion cleansing & Kit offered flower


Saugella Girl is a gentle cleansing emulsion for the hygiene intimate girls, based natural mauve and calendula extracts, particularly suitable for daily intimate hygiene of the 3-year-old girl at puberty and in case of irritation or inflammation. Indeed, thanks to its formula enriched with natural extracts, mauve and its anti-inflammatory properties this unique treatment protects against irritations and calm the itching. The natural extracts of Calendula, soothe mucous membranes to find comfort.

operating tips:

Saugella Girl can be used 1-2 times per day as a detergent.

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