Saugella Cotton Touch Panty Liners 40 Pack

SKU: 5159136


Saugella panty liners from the Cotton Touch line are specially designed to ensure comfort and protection for all women. Its shape and design is the result of careful study in order to easily adapt to all lingerie. This innovative design include:100% cotton strip enriched with micro-capsules to ensure comfort and softness to soothe any irritation and restrict natural bodily odours.Absorbant polymers to guarantee maximum protection.

Recommended Use:

To guarantee maximum protection, Sanareva's pharmacists offer you the following advice:For ensure hygiene, change the pads regularly.Change the pad 3 to 4 times per day according to your flow. 


40 hypoallergenic panty liners with natural thyme and calendula extracts. Individually packed, for women on the go.


  • Cotton to ensure softness and comfort. 
  • Thyme microcapsules.
  • Super-absorbant polymers. 


Box of 40 individual sachets.