Sanoflore Aqua Magnifica Botanical Skin Perfecting Essence 400ml

This botanical essence is a cleansing lotion to tighten pores.
Manufacturer: Sanoflore


SKU 8145620


This has been specifically made for combination to oily skin. 

The Sanoflore Aqua Magnifica Botanical Skin Perfecting Essence is a patented complex of 9 essential oils, mixed with a peppermint totum and is 100% natural and biocompatible.

Ideal for oily skin, this cleansing lotion also rebalances (ideal on the T-zone) combination skins, as soon as imperfections appear and harmonises sensitive skin, with such a soft, comfort feeling.

It can be used after cleansing for a thorough treatment to the skin. Regular application tightens pores and restores radiance to your complexion.

9 medicinal plants have been carefully selected by Sanoflore to clinically demonstrate the effectiveness of these essential oils patented by Aqua Magnifica: thyme thymol, green oregano, lemony catnip, lemon balm, lemongrass, ceylon citronella, rosemary and clove.


Combination to oily skin cleansing lotion.

Recommended Use:

Apply on the face after cleansing your face with the Sanoflore Magnifica Purifying Jelly Cleanser 125ml.


Aqua / Water Denat.* Mentha Piperita Leaf Water Alcohol / Peppermint Leaf Water * Caprylyl/capryl Glucoside Arginine Salicylic Acid Cymbopogon Flexuosus Oil * Citral Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil / Rosemary Leaf Oil * Menthol Mentha Piperita Oil / Peppermint Oil * Geraniol Limonene Satureia Montana Oil * Eugenol Cymbopogon Nardus Oil / Citronella Oil * Eugenia Caryophyllus Flower Oil / Clove Flower Oil * Nepeta Cataria Oil * Origanum Heracleoticum Flower Oil * Thymus Vulgaris Oil Thyme Flower/leaf Oil * Linalool Citronellol Melissa Officinalis Leaf Oil * Citric Acid).

* 99% of the total ingredients are from natural origin and organic agriculture. 25% of all the ingredients are from organic farming.


1 x 400ml bottle.