Sanodiane grater Pedicure Double Emery

SKU: 9006725


Grater Pedicure manual to exfoliate the feet effectively and in all sweetness. Its non-slip handle is ideal for a specific action and a better control of the tool. 2 sides to a full pedicure: face neoprene to slightly file the feet and get rid of major calluses. The smoothing face, to soften the skin.


Grater pedicure to exfoliate the feet.

Directions for use:

Use once a week on feet clean and dry.Rubbing calluses gently, starting with the face most neoprene, and then finish by smoothing face to soften the skin.Clean the grater under warm water and let it dry.


Grater grating double sided with one side and one side smoothing.


1 grater double sided.