Rotier Cystiberry 30 Capsules

Cystiberry prevents and treats the cystitis.
Manufacturer: Vemedia
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Cystiberry is a unique, patented Cranberry-Active formula, an active ingredient that prevents the buildup of vitamin E found on the bladders walls, responsible for urinary problems. Cystiberry capsules contain a high amount of Cranberry extracts, whose use is recognised for the treatment of cystitis and its defensive properties. Each capsule is made from 500 mg of Cranberry-Active.


Capsules based on active Cranberry ingredients to prevent the build up of vitamin E and protect bladder walls.

Recommended Use:

For the treatment of cystitis: Take 2 Cystiberry capsules a day for 15 days, with a glass of water. To prevent cystitis: Take 1 capsule a day for 30 days. For other capsules to protect your urinary system, see the full range of our Urinary System dietary supplements page.


Cranberry-active, Amylum Solani, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (Hpmc 100%). Cranberry-active is a patented extract (Concentrate) Cranberry, Red Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide.


30 capsules.