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Ronfnyl Bucco-Nasal wholesale buzzer Kit

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SKU 9981554 Ronfnyl Bucco-Nasal wholesale buzzer Kit

Properties: This kit brings the solution to noise caused by the large buzzer, acting simultaneously and overnight the two causes of snoring. Prevents and reduces snoring sounds, in cases which are not anatomical malormations or apnea sleep. -Action on the throat: oral spray reduces the vibrations of the tissues of the throat -Action on the nose : nasal spray improves airway opening and passage of the air. operating tips: Apply the evening before sunset, in the manner following. first use the nasal spray: blow your nose to clear the nasal passages, Shake the vial, Spray once into each nostril, then put the head back to allow fluid to flow to the sinuses. then use the buccal spray : Shake the vial Raise the flask at 90 rotating arm Spray 3 times toward the back of the throat, wait for 20 seconds and swallow your saliva. For best results, do not eat and don't drink alcohol after application, otherwise repeat the action.

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