Rogé Cavaillès Gel bath and shower flower cotton Pack 2 x 300ml


SKU: 4444024 Ranjit Cavailles Gel amount bath and shower flower of cotton Lot of 2 x 300ml indication: delicate skin and sensitive skin hygiene. Cold cream perfumed bath and shower gel with cotton flower is especially suitable for cleaning delicate and sensitive skin while respecting their skin integrity. > enriched brightening agents in hydrolysate of collagen, it deposits a protective film on the skin and provides comfort and flexibility to the skin. > Its soft cleansing base, is soap-free and hypo-allergenic. > Perfumed cotton flower, it surrounds the toilet of a soft and refined scent. Your skin is so soft, protected, and delicately perfumed. operating tips: in the shower, apply a little gel on the damp washcloth or in the Palm of your hand. Lather on the skin, then rinse.