Rogé Cavaillès Déo Soin Dermato Roll On 50ml

Prevents unpleasant body odours for sensitive and shaven skin.

Manufacturer: Rogé Cavaillès



SKU: 7778174


Déo Soin's dermatology prevents the formation of bad odours and their recurrence throughout the day, thanks it's double antibacterial action. Its formula, which doesn't contain any potentially allergenic components, ensures a heightened tolerance for ultra-sensitive or shaven skin. 


Easy-to-use roll on for sensitive and shaven skin.

Recommended Use:

Apply daily after showering to clean dry underarm. Leave for a moment before putting on clothes.


Hypoallergenic. Non-scented. Does not contain alcohol, aluminum salts or parabens.


1 Roll-On deodorant 50ml.