Renu MPS multi-purpose formula classic pack of 4 x 360ml Solution

SKU: 9984862 Renu MPS Solution multifunction formula classic Lot 4x360ml

Properties Renu multi-purpose solution:

Multifunction solution for the maintenance of the contact lenses for sensitive eyes.

It perfectly fits all types of lenses soft contact and also lentils silicone hygrogel.

Allows you to clean the lenses, decontaminate and prolong their life.

Grace this solution, your lenses are perfectly cleaned and preserved. It also guaranteed the lubrication of lenses in order to better place them.

4 lens cases are supplied with vials.

Promotional offer: 4 x 360ml Lot

Tips for using Renu multi-purpose solution:

Well wash your hands before handling lenses and then dry them thoroughly.

For best results, keep lens in their Holster for 4 hours or all night.

Refer to the manual for more information.