Relaxcol 36 capsules

Improving the bloating intestinal, shown in the colopathies
Manufacturer: Leurquin


SKU 4656861 Relaxcol 36 capsules


complex 100% mineral-vegeto: Green Clay with power absorbing optimal, and 3 plants including anise improving the intestinal meteorism.

gelatine free.

Proposed by the manufacturer to participate in the regulation and digestion, helping to relieve discomfort gastro intestinal, in cases of bloating and flatulence.

use: < br > 1 capsule to swallow with a glass of water after the main 2 meals.

for 1 capsule :
-220 mg Green Clay
-dry extract of fennel 90 mg
-dry extract of caraway 60 mg
-dry anise extract 40 mg
-Fructo oligosaccharides (prebiotic) 40 mg
-flavouring: caraway, cinnamon and fennel essential oils. -Caking: amorphous silica, magnesium stearate
-vegetable Envelope: hydroxypropylcellulose.

Contains traces of soy.

Box of 36 capsules

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